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Page Last Updated on: 8/26/13

You can help me and countless others around the world get their eyesight back!
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We are excited to announce Search For Sight's affiliation with Dr. Iannaccone of the Hamilton Eye Institute in Memphis, Tennessee and The Foundation Fighting Blindness to find a cure for Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), which I have and is slowly robbing me and others in my family of our vision, and other retinal diseases. The Foundation Fighting Blindness and Dr. I need funding... that's where we come in. We are recording albums for sale on CD and  digital download on CDbaby, iTunes, etc. When you purchase Search For Sight music, 100% of the money that would normally go to the artist will go to fund research projects to find cures for horrible eye diseases like RP. It's a win-win situation. You get fantastic music and we get a way to make important research happen. 
For more information on Dr. Iannaccone, click HERE.
For more information on The Foundation Fighting Blindness, click HERE.
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Search For Sight will be live at VisionWalk in Memphis TN on October 19, 2013 with an acoustic set. If you are in the area, come out and show your support! Make a donation today:

The latest album titled 'See You Around' is available on CD and Digital Download.
Track List:
1. I Know You
2. Lost in the Sand
3. Six O'clock
4. I Still Believe In Love
5. Driving Home
6. Nancy Apple
7. It's Just The Night
8. Try Again
9. Pieces
10. Middle of the Road

Search for Sight: See You Around

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The debut album "Too Many Goodbyes" is available for digital download! The track list is:
1. My Limousine
2. Reason To Erase
3. Too Many Goodbyes
4. Lucky
5. September
6. Human Being
7. Tomorrow (Remastered)
There is a bonus track included if you purchase the entire album. A second bonus track titled 'All Life Long' is available on ReverbNation!